New Mephisto Phoenix Chess Computer System

Released !

The possibility to pre-order the newly developed Mephisto Phoenix Chess System is available, built in cooperation with Millennium 2000. The first available systems will have the well-known emulations already on board and will be sold at the special first editions prices during a short pre-order phase.

The system consists of a small operator console and can be ordered with two sized boards, the larger measuring 55 cm tournament size and the smaller one for those who have limited space to house this advanced chess computer. The boards are even produced with specific coloring scheme, to match the module at best. We expect that all buyers from the pre-order phase will receive their unit before end of this year! 

To ensure a smooth ordering process we are working together with our business partner Millennium 2000 and will offer all those who wishes to buy at Phoenix Chess Systems a links per product towards the ordering website. There you can place the order and all matters regarding payment and delivery will be handled there. This also to ensure that delivery will be as soon as stock arrives and off course in the sequence of ordering.

If you order the systems via the link at Phoenix Chess Systems, we will provide you with the Signed Certificate from our Company and most important give you service straight from the creators of the system. Simply sent a copy of your ordering / invoice mail from Millennium after receiving your system and we will send you the certificate.

We will appreciate it very much if you buy the system at Phoenix Chess Systems. And we are very pleased with you as a customer of our products. Together we will break the boundaries of modern chess computers.