Mephisto Phoenix: Update to version 4.01B available

A new release will be published tomorrow, the 12th of November, at 17:30. It is a small release with Stockfish 16, we solved a bug with the Portorose emulator and added a display option where you can choose to show (not show) the score of the position and show (blank) the score evaluaition bar. We also changed the output for the pgn files to be better usable by the main platforms. We also chose to set the speed back to 100% when a new engine is selected. Information on this subject will also be released by Millennium.

Mephisto Phoenix: First update to version 4.01A available

We’ve been working hard for the last few months – not only on the first update for your Phoenix, but also on collecting feedback, looking at ways to implement new features, and last but not least, on an update and server structure to provide you with regular updates in the future.

With this update you get the following new features:

Tablebases support for Komodo 14.5, Stockfish 15 and Komodo Dragon 3:
For this we have installed the popular Syzygy endgame databases on the Phoenix. You can activate them in the chess settings of the above mentioned engines. This makes the Phoenix the first commercial chess computer ever to allow the use of tablebases.

Extension of the emulator for many more chess computer emulations:
We have adapted the emulator in the “Play Retro Chess” mode of the Phoenix so that you can now install several other emulations on your own. All you need is the correct ROM files.
Information on this subject will be released by Millennium.

The first license upgrade starts!

The first license upgrade brings you 3 more high-end engines for the “Play against Computer” mode: Komodo Dragon 3, Leela Zero and Ginkgo, the engine known from the popular Power Fritz 18. All 3 programs have become world champions in computer chess in Vienna in late summer 2022.

Please note that the previous installation of version 4.01A is a prerequisite for the update to be delivered to your Phoenix.

If you wish to endorse my work please buy the package through this link :
Engine add-on package for Mephisto Phoenix

New Mephisto Phoenix Chess Computer System

Released !

The possibility to pre-order the newly developed Mephisto Phoenix Chess System is available, built in cooperation with Millennium 2000. The first available systems will have the well-known emulations already on board and will be sold at the special first editions prices during a short pre-order phase.

The system consists of a small operator console and can be ordered with two sized boards, the larger measuring 55 cm tournament size and the smaller one for those who have limited space to house this advanced chess computer. The boards are even produced with specific coloring scheme, to match the module at best. We expect that all buyers from the pre-order phase will receive their unit before end of this year! 

To ensure a smooth ordering process we are working together with our business partner Millennium 2000 and will offer all those who wishes to buy at Phoenix Chess Systems a links per product towards the ordering website. There you can place the order and all matters regarding payment and delivery will be handled there. This also to ensure that delivery will be as soon as stock arrives and off course in the sequence of ordering.

If you order the systems via the link at Phoenix Chess Systems, we will provide you with the Signed Certificate from our Company and most important give you service straight from the creators of the system. Simply sent a copy of your ordering / invoice mail from Millennium after receiving your system and we will send you the certificate.

We will appreciate it very much if you buy the system at Phoenix Chess Systems. And we are very pleased with you as a customer of our products. Together we will break the boundaries of modern chess computers.

Phoenix Chess Systems partners with Millennium

Phoenix Chess Systems partners with Millennium to take computerchess to ‘the next level’

It has been a very interesting computerchess career, developing my first chess program when I was 14 although computer chess as a whole and for the world was yet unknown to me. This changed decades later when I started to develop some of the most powerful chess computers : 2005 the Resurrection Module, later the Revelation Computer Chess Board and in 2013 the Revelation II as a joint venture with DGT.

Now this unique success story is being continued with MILLENNIUM. The know-how of MILLENNIUM and the expertise and ideas of Phoenix Chess Systems will take computer chess to the next level.
We are rethinking chess computers completely. This new generation should combine an unprecedented variety of functions with a highly intuitive operation.

“It is almost like the chess game of the 21st century, in which 40 years of chess computer tradition from Munich interweave with the future in online gaming as if by magic”, says Thomas Karkosch, COO of MILLENNIUM.

Ruud Martin, CEO of Phoenix Chess Systems : “A logical next step but with enormous potential. Looking forward to work with Thomas Karkosch, Ossi Weiner and the whole MILLENNIUM team for the coming years.”