Delayed : Mephisto Phoenix Module Exclusive Edition

In our succesful cooperation with Millennium 2000, Phoenix Chess Systems would be enabled to release special editions. We always strive to surprise our public and for this already great chess system, we can now offer the next step in performance.
We are happy to indicate that we will sell exclusively the Mephisto Phoenix Module : Exclusive Edition and this will be available beginning of the third quarter of 2024. Our focus has been on the online functionality in first quarter of 2024, and this caused this delay.

This Phoenix Modul is identical to the regular system, but is simply twice faster and will also have the chess engines running on four cores instead of two. Also the Emulations will run at more than double the current speeds . And memory will probably be at 8GB, so more room for larger hash tables and deep analysis. We tested this system at the tournament in Zundert with the Glasgow emulation and it took first place here.

If you are interested, please send us an email. For the first run we will have 20 systems available. We expect pricing at 1499 Euro. Also let us know if you need an additional board.

Reflection II Module set

We have the ‘Yellow Display’ Reflection II Module Set on stock again. These are the two module editions, with touch enabled keyboard for the emulations. Stock is limited and these will be the last sets available. Price is 1499 Euro.

Reflection II Module Set