21-09-2019 Development Reflection Module

We have done some benchmarking, indicated are the MIPS values when the Reflection is running at 1.824Ghz single CPU.

MN = Mephisto Montreux => 22 MIPS
LO = Mephisto London => 360 MIPS
GL = Mephisto Glasgow => 349 MIPS
M5 = Mephisto MMV => 116 MIPS

The emulations package for Reflection is still  in Beta test at Phoenix Chess Systems. We will release all emulations available on Revelation II, with the exception of the Tasc Emulations (no piece recognition available) and the Novag Robot Adversary. This results in a nice addition to the 5, initially released for Reflection. Costs : 125 Euro.

Do it Yourself Upgrade REVII to Anniversary Edition at Phoenix Chess Systems.

Phoenix Chess Systems is also releasing the upgrade kit towards REVII AE as a do it yourself option.

A promise is a promise. We announced in 2013 that your REVII could be upgraded in the future and we keep our word. We can perform an upgrade for you to the newer processor at our location or at one of the tournaments in Germany, the first in April. Or you can do it yourself. For our customers who recently bought a Revelation II at Phoenix Chess Systems we will also give you a small discount depending on how recent your system was acquired at Phoenix Chess Systems. 
We will also prepare the kit with all emulations you already had on your current REV II.Please be advised that this an upgrade, and that we would like the old processor returned for licensing reasons.Pricing for the upgrade towards the Anniversary Edition : 499 Euro (including 21% VAT).If you already have the base emulations you can upgrade to the Full 2019 Edition : add 250 Euro(including 21% VAT).No emulations yet? But you like the upgrade kit with Full 2019 Emulations preloaded : add 650 Euro (including 21% VAT).

..  So you can upgrade in confidence .... Offer valid until end of june 2019 ..