Summer 2021 offer Revelation II AE

The Revelation system is unfortunately no longer on stock, but we will get stock during the summer of 2021. To be sure you get one of these please make the order now. Just sent us an email and we will reserve one of the coming systems. Corona leads to problems in the supply chain but we are working on getting the stock available again.

Our offer is still valid : Revelation II Anniversary Edition, classic pieces and the complete emulation package for : 3249 Euro including VAT. For customers outside the European Union we can ship without 21% VAT.
And if you wish to change the pieces, no problem, just let us know in your order.

Please reserve a system, to be sure you get one during the summer. We already have reservations on part of this stock, so do not wait too long with your order.

You will receive the system with the Phoenix Chess Systems Certificate, and included is our great support and software support. Phoenix Chess Systems . . the Chess Computer Creators.. Furthermore as the firmware is also created by Phoenix Chess Systems, you are guaranteed for possible future updates.

New V3.36C upgrade for Revelation II AE

The V3.36C is now exclusively available at Phoenix Chess Systems. The emulations Fidelity V2, Saitek Corona (C en D+), Mephisto Nigel Short and Milano (two versions) and Sphinx 40 are added free of charge. Please be advised that these emulations can be unlocked if you indicate owning or having owned these systems.

The 68000, Arm and 65c02 emulators have been tweaked for more performance. The MMV (=65c02) runs at around 60 Mips, the 68000 in the Fidelity V2 can reach 240 Mips. And the Montreux (Arm2) now runs at around 13 Mips.

If you wish to get this upgrade, please sent an email to us containing your address info and your serial number. The address is available at the contact tab.

Reflection II speeds are impressive

The 68000 and 65c02 emulators are running extremely fast on the new Reflection II. The MMV (=65c02) runs at around 92 Mips, the 68000 in the Fidelity V2 is running at 400 Mips. The Montreux (Arm2) now reaches 20 Mips.

Fidelity V2, almost running at 400 Mips, equalling the FIdelity V11 at 100Mhz (68060).