Module Set Reflection II

We are producing the Reflection module with the two module concept. When we introduced the Reflection module three years ago, we received feedback that reading the small display was for some of our customers not easy to do. Furhermore touch operation was asked, to make it easier to use the emulations without the use of the virtual keyboard. Both are now integrated in the set. The second larger LCD display module contains touch and has twice the readability.

All Richard Lang emulations were already available : London, Vancouver, Lyon, Portorose, and Almeria. We added : Novag Diablo, Super expert B and C. Mephisto Glasgow, Amsterdam, Dallas, Roma, Polgar(5 and 10), MM5, MM4, Rebel and Saitek Montreux and Risc2500. Added without costs : Fidelity V2, Saitek Corona, Mephisto Nigel Short, Mephisto Milano and the Novag Robot Adversary.

Price for this set is 1249 Euro.

For the current Reflection module owners, you can acquire the software upgrade to all these emulations. This update is through an SDcard exchange. We will release an instruction video of how to do this yourself.

Price for the SDcard update is 249 Euro.

Also for current Reflection module owners, you can acquire the additional larger LCD display module. For this the software upgrade is needed and it depends on the Reflection build version you have. This is decisive if you can use the touch option on the additional display.

You can check this youself. By removing the back plate of the module you can see if the PCB is black or green. Please be careful not to take out the PCB as the LCD is connected to it, and you easily loosen it.

Green : Touch option cannot be enabled.
Black : Touch option can be enabled, but we need the module for this to solder some jumpers.

Price for SDcard update and the new LCD module. : 499 Euro.

You can also trade in your Reflection, you wil receive a new complete set (Price 1249 Euro), for 799 Euro.

The new Reflection II will be serialised and has a named certificate from Phoenix Chess Systems.

Availability during september 2020. You can pre-order through e-mail.