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Sunday, February 17 2019
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Project Phoenix Cases continues using the Phoenix Name
Tuesday, 20 October 2009 19:30

At the Kaufbeuren event Hein Veldhuis who produces the excellent wooden casings for chess computers in general and Phoenix Chess Systems have agreed upon usage of the name Phoenix for these casings as from 1 oktober 2009. Hein Veldhuis has produced these fine cases for some years now, and as both the chess computer project and the casings project were developed at the same time and speed, it was decided at the start of the phoenix cases project to apply the Phoenix name also to this great idea.

The cases project is a stand alone project from Hein Veldhuis, which operates completely separated from the Phoenix Chess Systems activities and products. As Phoenix Chess Systems is transforming into a real company, the name for the cases project was subject for a good discussion in Kaufbeuren. There were two options. 1. Renaming the Phoenix Cases to another name or 2. Continue to use the Phoenix Cases name.

Both Hein and Phoenix Chess Systems think that the cases should retain the name Phoenix for the future. However, it is emphasized that the Phoenix Chess Systems products and Hein´s project chess computer casings have no business relation towards each other. This means that the Revelation Systems will be delivered on a commercial basis from Phoenix Chess Systems and that the chess computer casings from Hein Veldhuis wil remain within the project scope from Hein Veldhuis.


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