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Sunday, February 17 2019
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Phoenix Chess Systems as a real Company II
Tuesday, 20 October 2009 19:30

During Oktober 2009 all actions are taking place to transform the Phoenix Project into the Phoenix Chess Systems BV. As we are now becoming a real company, and because we have limited experience into this path, things are taking some more time than expected. At this time we expect the BV to activated around 1 november 2009, however the founding date will be set to 1 oktober 2009. As was indicated, the bank account will be available during oktober 2009, and we will inform all customers before the end of oktober 2009 regarding sending costs, payment options and their underlying invoices. The first 12 ordered Revelation module sets can be delivered within two weeks after full payment. Additional orders for the Revelation Module sets and for the Revelation Board systems will be delivered before the end of 2009. As delivery of the Revelation boards will be within two months, a down payment for 25% will be asked for these additional orders end of oktober 2009, and the remaining payments just before delivery.


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