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Sunday, February 17 2019
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Guarantee and Quality
Sunday, 19 July 2009 19:36

After delivering some of the module sets and the wooden boards, please be advised about guarantee and quality. Phoenix Chess Systems builds hand made systems and therefore small imperfections in the woodwork or modules cannot be avoided. Especially regarding the woodwork, Phoenix Chess Systems tries to avoid any imperfections, but by using wood as a main part of the Revelation systems imperfections unfortunatelty cannot be avoided for 100%.

Furthermore : these chess systems are project based. All project members participate therefore in one of the projects. This means that you can suggest new features and ideas for the products as well as report bugs found during gameplay. During the project period you will receive around two updates per year in which new features will be integrated and where bugs are eliminated. All within the limits of my programming skills as well within my possibility to invest time in the products.

About warranty : I am a private person and therefore I will give a limited warranty. The processor unit is an industry based module which is operating for five years without any problems so this will pose no problems. The earlier systems from Mephisto and Saitek used to have some heat problems, but these systems have none of these problems. There could still be programming errors but these will be correctable. If the hardware fails within 6 months I will replace it with new hardware at only the courier costs.


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