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Monday, September 16 2019
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New Firmware Version for Revelation II Anniversary Edition
Sunday, 05 May 2019 00:00

We are happy to release a current and stable software version for the new Revelation II Anniversary Edition. This is release 3.33M. In this software the complete chess move engine and a number of bugs have been solved. If you experience problems in the ending of your games or in some of the emulations we advise to install this software. If you have acquired your system at Phoenix Chess Systems, please sent us an email, we will sent you the installation instructions. If you have acquired at another dealer please ask this dealer for this release. We have distributed this release to DGT and they will place it on their website for download. This release has been tested by the testteam from DGT and Phoenix Chess Systems and some beta testers throughout the world.

Solving a bug regarding usage of setup and new game in specific order and specific engine.
Solving a bug with insufficient material, system will now play on instead of not allowing the moves in such a situation.
Solving a bug with the emulation Risc 2500 and Montreux regarding setup / display speed.
Solving a bug with problems in keyboard Roma, Amsterdam and Dallas emulations.
Solving a bug with problems in board / Err1 Rebel, MMX emulations.


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