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Saturday, July 20 2019
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Extra display module Reflection
Sunday, 16 July 2017 00:00

The Reflection Module contains a small display in the module itself, however an important demand from our customers was risen to add an additional display. This display is in development from april 2017. It will add a new display, similar to the Resurrection II and Revelation modules. This will improve the readability for our mixed public, because of the fact that this 'yellow' display will be 128*64 pixels as opposed to the small 'yellow' 128*128 pixels in the module itself. These pixels are twice the size as in the small display. Current owners can add this module but we will also sell the complete set.

We have tested the available multi core processor, because running at 4 cores will generate some heat in the module set. The 4 processors can run at 1,7 but most likely they wil run at 1,5 Ghz, as the system will throttle down if neccesary. Furthermore we have extended the licensing agreements with Shredder and Hiarcs, so they will be available as multi core engines. Most probably, the current world champion Komodo will also be added. We will also add extra native engines as they are available in the open source world.
Also all current emulations will be added plus some extra emulations, Fidelity Avantgarde (6502 and 68000), Novag Robot Adversary and more to follow. The system will be fitted with Bluetooth and Wifi (also can be added in current stand alone module).

Integrated into the new module set is a switched power regulator, so to avoid the problems with existing mephisto boards. This regulator will ensure a perfect internal 5V. You can see the internal voltages from the board and to the processor unit in your small display.

If you are interested in the additional display for your existing module or the complete set, please let us know. Please sent an email to Phoenix Chess Systems. See contact for more information. Expected availability is during the fourth quarter of 2017. Current and new sets will be fitted with a serial number and your name in the display.


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