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Monday, September 16 2019
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Emulations : Now available : Tasc / Montreux package
Wednesday, 18 October 2017 00:00

Phoenix Chess Systems reaching an 8 year celebration is very happy to announce the revival of the ultimate chess computer system : Tasc R30. On my list for adding emulations to the Revelation II Emulator one of my most desired systems, the Tasc R30 but also the Montreux are available. The Revelation II has two unique features to make this possible, a large display (256*64) and piece recognition. These two made it possible to revive the Tasc R30 system as an emulation. The Tasc R30 is one of the first chess systems featuring the Arm processor, version V2. And piece recognition through the use of the so called Smartboard. The Smartboard I is also emulated, making the emulation a 100% true representation for the combination of the operator module and the Smartboard. In fact even the communication protocol is emulated between operator module and Smartboard.

Phoenix Chess Systems has reached an agreement with Johan de Koning for the versions 2.2 and 2.5. But this is not all, as version 2.23 and the Gideon program (Ed Schröder) are also included. Both Hans van Mierlo (dutch collector of high end chess systems) and Micha Voelschow (together with two friends) were kind enough to add both these programs in the package at no extra costs!

Tasc R30 and these four programs are running on the Revelation II, but as the emulator does take a lot CPU cycles, this is only at maximum of around 8-10Mhz. But hey, its revived, and that is what we aimed at.

Furthermore Montreux is added and in a later release Risc2500 will be added, including the emulation for the touch sensor board towards the sensor electronics of the Revelation II.

The package is priced at 279 Euro, including the Tasc 2.2, 2.23, 2.5, Gideon and Montreux. Please be aware that you need the base emulations, as this is an addon for this package. Please be advised that this package will be priced at 299 Euro in 2018.


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