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Update II New Phoenix Chess Module 'REFLECTION' for existing Mephisto Chess Boards
Saturday, 01 October 2016 00:00

Delivery is delayed until December. This is because the new display arrived later than expected. And the programming is taken some more time. The module set will mainly be made available as the 'single module' version. This means that the module contains an integrated display and can be used stand alone. The module will work in any board like a Modular, Exclusive or Munchen. And the software will be like the software version in the Revelation II, so with the speed bar. Price is 1.249 Euro including VAT.

The idea to deliver a cheaper option, by only delivering the printed circuit board so you can replace this in an existing set will no longer be available. Only a handful customers were searching for this option. You can if you like add the original display from an Richard Lang Module (Almeria to London), we will offer you a replacement printed circuit board for the display part of the set. Phoenix Chess Systems already offer this as a replacement for existing sets.

REFLECTION, a name in the style of the previous systems and hinting to a reflection towards the past.
















If you would  like to buy the single module (complete with casing and new front plate) where the CPU and LCD is integrated in this single module, please sent an email to Phoenix Chess Systems. See contact for more information.


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