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Thursday, April 18 2019
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Update New Phoenix Chess Module 'REFLECTION' for existing Mephisto Chess Boards
Sunday, 05 June 2016 00:00

End of September 2016 a new module will be launched based upon the Richard Lang World Champion Module Set. This module was demonstrated at the Klingenberg 2016 tournament where it was estimated that the speed for the module is around 4 times the 36 Mhz tournament machines.

The demonstrated replacement module at Klingenberg is designed for existing 16 or 32 bit module sets. This consists of the bare PCB for the CPU module to be used in an existing module set and will be priced at 849 Euro including VAT. Combined with the existing replacement OLED LCD PCB (available in Green, Blue, Red and Yellow) this will be priced at 999 Euro including VAT. This module contains the existing Richard Lang programs, from Almeria to London. And can be run at normal speeds (16/32/TM) or at full speed.

However, we are working to enhance this idea by introducing a complete module which integrates both the CPU and LCD part in only one module. The layout will be the same as a normal Richard Lang CPU module (containing the six keys), but with an integrated small display situated on the left side in this module. This LCD will also be an OLED display and can display the 2*16 character display but also additional emulation information (yellow graphics 128*128 1,5"). This will be priced at 1.249 Euro including VAT.

The design is now agreed upon as well as the naming : REFLECTION, a name in the style of the previous systems and hinting to a reflection towards the past.

If you would like to buy the PCB replacement CPU + OLED to upgrade your existing module set, or if you like to buy the single module (complete with casing and new front plate) where the CPU and LCD is integrated in this single module, please sent an email to Phoenix Chess Systems. See contact for more information.

For the first sponsors who pre-ordered the demonstrated replacement upgrade PCB set, who wish to change their order to the complete single module please inform me through email.

Delivery expected end of october 2016.


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