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Special Offer for Revelation II
Thursday, 02 April 2015 09:58

Phoenix Chess Systems is pleased to announce that the Revelation II systems are now available for very fast delivery. Phoenix Chess Systems has systems on stock and when we do run out, we can deliver within 2 months.

The Revelation II is a huge success and we have sold more than 150 systems to proud users all over the world! To celebrate this success Phoenix Chess Systems offers a Revelation II combined with Timeless, Classic, Venus or Royal Pieces for 2.749 Euro or with Ebony Pieces for 2.849 Euro.

These offers are only valid in April 2015, so decide quickly if you want to buy the Revelation II system for this tempting price.

Buying from Phoenix Chess Systems offers you great support, and every system includes a signed certificate bearing the serial number in the exclusive Phoenix Chess Systems range.

The OLED display gives crisp, and detailed information ..

If you would like to order a system, please sent us an email through the contact page and do not forget to fill in a valid email address where we can reach you. You will receive a personal advice and custom tailored offer for your desired system.


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