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Revelation II New upgrade soon to be released
Monday, 11 August 2014 19:00

Revelation owners,

A new firmware is to be released soon. Systems were distributed with versions 3.07 and 3.09, but now 3.12 will be released.

3.12 includes :

- Automatic start (new game) feature placing the pieces in the starting position, you will hear an acknowledgement in sound.
- Automatic reverse start (new reversed game) feature placing the pieces in the reverse starting position, you will hear an acknowledgement in sound. You can now play black. This will also work when you switch Revelation II on for the first time.
- Setup Position, when you press Enter multiple time you can select setting up normal and reverse playing from setup.
- Better capturing. Try for example to capture pawn to pawn. Lift your own pawn and take the pawn from the computer while placing your pawn at the same time on the capture field. It will accept this capturing better.
- Now 64 engines through UCI server in total are possible. As there 8 engines integrated, a further 56 engines are possible for the UCI Sever.
- If you have more than 64 engines, Revelation II will ignore the rest of the mentioned engines in the UCI Server.
- UCI server engine names may not be longer than 16 characters. If you use longer names in the UCI server, the Revelation II will truncate these.
- GET PGN function is now implemented in the UCI Server.
- You can now choose another engine after an UCI server engine without problems.
- You now get a beep from Revelation II on connecting from the UCI server.
- Added the possibility to use compressed files, to reduce the sending times for an update.
- Error checking is improved on the upgrade procedure for the Revelation II. Corrupted upgrade files will now be ignored by Revelation II. Also timeout problems are handled.
- The E-board modus is greatly improved. Speed in handling is much better, and also clock functions are near to complete.
- Switching between different modus is improved, you can do this now with CLEAR + ENTER to go to standby and then ENTER to switch on again or ENTER +UP or ENTER +DOWN to switch to e-board or emulation modus.
- If you install the latest drivers on DGT website (DGT e-Board Driver RabbitPlugin 2.0.24 32bit  ) or (DGT e-Board Driver RabbitPlugin 2.0.24 64bit  ) you will see leds signaling in the e-board modus when playing for example Fritz on your PC and using the Revelation II as a DGT board.
- Move indicator added.
- Added stability for the Bluetooth connection.
- Upload speed is improved.

This information will also be placed on the RevelationII website.

Testing of this release is done by a few 'test' customers to be sure there are no faults in the coming release.


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