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Targeting for delivery December or January
Friday, 01 November 2013 00:00

The last hurdles are taken and we added even some more features in the system. The protective bag is available and is sturdy yet elegant. It supports one piece set, but you can place two piece sets if you like to. Hiarcs 14 and Shredder 12 are on board as are the original programs Fruit, Toga, Ruffian and the freeware version of Rybka. Sjeng will be sold, if we reach an agreement, as an extra engine beginning of 2014. And we hope many engines will follow as additional engines, but we are dependent upon the programmers to deliver.

Added is also a modus to use the Revelation II as an DGT Bluetooth E-board, so you can use the Revelation II as a fully operational DGT E-board. Playing online or with strong engines on your PC is in this way possible. This modus also contains the indication some chess programs show on the DGT XL clock in the Revelation II screen. When you also use the UCI Server included you can even play PC programs at PC speed but fully functional from the Revelation II.

We are now convinced all quality requirements are met so it is up to DGT to start with delivery. We expect from Phoenix Chess Systems to finally deliver the pre-ordered systems between December and  January. We have all pre-orders on our list, so you will receive a definitive order and invoice during November. As Phoenix Chess Systems requests for full prepayment we will also inform you with payment instructions and sending information.

As the systems are handcrafted please bear in mind that all systems are unique in veneer woodwork and at a high quality level. We are sure that the boards meet our requirements for the woodwork and finish, but very small imperfections in the woodwork cannot be avoided. We are convinced you will be satisfied with the current level of quality.

The possibility to pre-order the complete Revelation II including the Emulations for 2.999 Euro including VAT at Phoenix Chess Systems was possible until end of October 2013. Per 1 november 2013 the Revelation II and the emulations are offered as separate products. The price for the Revelation II with the timeless pieces is 2.849 Euro including VAT. The Emulations for Revelation II are per 1 november 2013 is priced at 649 Euro including VAT. Already placed pre-orders will be maintained at the 2.999 Euro Euro including VAT pricing (based upon the Timeless Piece Set).

Good things really do not come easy…. Where the development for the first Revelation took some two years, the Revelation II also has taken quite some development time. But now we are there.... DGT and Phoenix Chess Systems are pleased that the system will now become available for delivery. This resulting in a world class chess system to enjoy during the first months of 2014 and if possible at Christmas 2013. Thanks again for your enormous patience in this and trust in our products and dream…

Check our item Revelation II Chess Board under chess systems menu for more information.


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