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Sunday, February 17 2019
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Revelation II Update : Delivery starts Q3 2013
Tuesday, 12 March 2013 21:40

Creating the beautiful Revelation II is not easy. Although most hurdles are taken, we do have some last hurdles to overcome. Our focus is now on the bag we are producing for the Revelation. After we received three different layouts from the DGT manufacturer we have opted for a simple but effective design for the Revelation II. The bag should be sturdy enough to protect the Revelation II during initial transport and for transport by the customer, and should hold the pieces in a secure manner. A big logo is also on this bag, mentioning Revelation II as a product and the cooperation between DGT and Phoenix Chess Systems in this venture. We decided to choose the layout where inside the bag two large compartments are available in which each piece is hold separately. However, because of the size of the compartments you can also hold two sets of pieces. The bag contains supports to ensure the Revelation II is well protected. For customers who want to avoid sun (dis)colorization we advise to keep the system in the bag.

Another hurdle to take is reaching acceptable agreements with the programmers to license their engines for Revelation II. A system like Revelation II deserves these programs. Shredder and Hiarcs  will be available, and we hope we can also offer Deep Sjeng in the latest version. Fruit, Toga, Ruffian will be included with courtesy of their programmers. And  if you include the Emulation you get the Richard Lang and the Schroder original programs as well. This will be the base for the engines (resulting in 10+ programs available), and we will seek for more engines. From Phoenix Chess Systems I would like to invite programmers to discuss the possibility to add their engines to the system. And we would like to invite all the great programmers from the past to license their programs to run in the emulator. We would love to add Nitsche, Ratsmann, Morsch, de Koning, Spracklen, Levy and Kittinger. So if you programmers are interested, contact us, and we will work on the emulation in the systems for your great programs from the past. If all goes well, the 'de Koning program' which resides in the Tasc systems will be added during q3 or q4 of 2013. Running the Tasc R30 as an emulation is ‘the number one question’ we receive these days.

Good things do not come easy…. Where the development for the first Revelation took some two years, the Revelation II is also taking it’s development time. As Phoenix Chess Systems acknowledges the eagerness from our customers to play against these systems, we are constantly balancing between producing systems with the quality we want to uphold versus releasing the systems in proper time. As indicated all buyers will receive shortly the order confirmation, so all waiting customers can rest assured. We will sent these order confirmations before end of march (this time a promise), indicating the assigned serial numbers and specifics regarding your set choices. DGT and Phoenix Chess Systems are both doing their utter best to reach the now newly set deadline for delivery.  This resulting in a world class chess system to enjoy during the coming summer holidays. Thanks for your enormous patience in this…


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