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Sunday, February 17 2019
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Revelation II Q4 2012 Update
Sunday, 07 October 2012 19:18

We are at the beginning of Q4 2012, and the Revelation II is now in beta test at DGT. We have around 8 test systems available and the beta test is needed to check the quality for the woodwork, the golden frontplate and the new operating firmware. We hoped to be in the delivery stage, as indicated in the previous news item, but unfortunately the beautiful woodwork and finish for the system has become quite a challenge. This means that delivery before Christmas 2012 will be not be possible, however delivery in Q1 2013 will be possible for all pre-ordered systems. In the next photo you see the Revelation II board system, with the fields the correct way, which had to be corrected against the first board we received.

At this time a substantial number of customers have pre-ordered the Revelation II at Phoenix Chess Systems, and we want to make sure that we will deliver as soon as possible, but on the other hand we are ensuring to have the quality on the level you would expect from Phoenix Chess Systems and DGT. Because of this delay, Phoenix Chess Systems was able to work on the Richard Lang emulations during Q2 and Q3 of 2012 which were available for the current chess systems. It is clear now, that these Richard Lang emulations will be available at the same time the Revelation II will be available for delivery.

The emulation will run almost at twice the speed as the original emulations, so in many cases they will run faster in comparison to the World Champion Editions from the eighties (remember the Tournament machines with the Motorola 68030 at 36 Mhz and 2MB Hash ?). These emulations are great for the moderate chess players, and in combination with the current engines will give a broad range of chess playing experience to the customers.

Pricing for the Revelation II including the carrying bag at this time is 2.849 Euro (including 21% VAT), and if you pre-order or order before december of this year the Revelation II including the carrying bag and the Richard Lang emulation is 2.999 Euro (including 21% VAT).The normal price for the Richard Lang emulations is an additional 499 Euro (including 21% VAT). Please be aware : pricing is still provisionally, depending on the developments, they are subject to minor changes.

The highlights for the system are now completely available :

- Included is a carrying bag for the complete system, so the Chess Board is wel protected, and can be transported without risk;
- Fully standalone Chess Board, equipped with onboard embedded Marvell PXA320 high performance processor to facilitate the onboard chess engines;
- The PXA320 is the fastest processor in the well known PXA series, and runs at 800+ Mhz;
- The implementation of this PXA320 has a 32 bit wide databus, and a large cpu cache to ensure that the engines will run at their best performance;
- 128MB of DDR SDRam ensures enough memory for large Hash tables;
- 1 Gigabyte of Flash memory, so there is plenty of storage to upgrade with Chess Engines as they become available;
- ELO levels can be adjusted to play at your level (depending on engine settings);
- The Chess Board is multi chess engine, so you can select from a number of Chess Engines;
- The Chess Board will contain three engines at delivery, but can be upgraded with more Chess Engines;
- Included are Hiarcs and Shredder to ensure you have top performing Chess Engines;
- The Chess Board is using the great Piece Recognition Technology from DGT, so analysing and setting up chess positions are simple as that;
- The Chess Board is based upon the Revelation I Chess Board design, but now has slightly separated stands and they will be in black finish, resulting in a classic modern look;
- A larger display with double resolution, based upon the newest OLED technology, gives detailed information over the current chess game;
- The display as well as the led technology around the chess fields to indicate the moves are all made up from a gentle and elegant green lighting;
- All focus is upon beauty and passion for the chess game, so despite all electronics onboard, you will have a fine, wooden chess board of high quality with great pieces;
- For PC communication Bluetooth is available. This way you can upgrade with newest firmware when available or even newer Chess Engines, and upgrades on existing Chess Engines.

The system will be ready for the future, as memory (by adding additional flash memory) and processing/ram power (by exchanging the current Marvell PXA module) are both built in possibilities. So the chess playing customers can buy with confidence, ensuring the Revelation II can be upgraded in firmware and cpu/memory hardware.

We want to highlight the usage for a OLED display, which is a state of the art method of displaying information. It is green, and matches the led signalling on the board.

We will inform you every month now on the progress for the development for the Revelation II Chess Board System.

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The complete board, measuring 60 * 58 cm..

The pieces from DGT are just beautiful.. And you may select all available sets..

Simple control for the system, but all neccesary functions available..

The front plate, black anodised and golden lettering, quality of the highest levels..

The OLED display gives crisp, and detailed information ..

The display is readible from all angles, and does not disturb your good game of chess..


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