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Sunday, February 17 2019
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Hiarcs 13 Delivery Update II
Sunday, 26 June 2011 00:00

Hiarcs is being delivered.

At this time all owners who have placed a Hiarcs order will be receiving an email with upgrade instructions. As this is a very large upgrade it will be somewhat more time consuming but in three test cases almost everything went smoothly for the (test) customers. So watch your mail, and enjoy playing this fantastic new engine.

It also includes V4.05 for the firmware, in where you can also delete previous versions (before v4.05) to gain some much needed additional space. Normally this would not be neccesary, but for modules with more then 5 different version on it, it could lead into flash space problems. If the space on the file system is still a problem, a new feature in the V4.05 firmware is that you can upload a diagnostic file to your PC, which you then can sent to Phoenix Chess Systems. Phoenix Chess Systems can then make a special firmware to avoid problems on your specific Phoenix System. If you do not need have to delete previous versions, i would recommend them not to be deleted at this time.

With my good chess computer friend Steve in America, this diagnostic function came to good use as to solving a minor problem.


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