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Sunday, February 17 2019
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Hiarcs 13 Delivery Update
Wednesday, 04 May 2011 07:30

On testing some (beta) upgrades failed because of lack of space on the flash of the Phoenix Chess System. Therefore the Hiarcs upgrade (including the V4.04) has been delayed. We are now working on a V4.05 firmware upgrade, in which you can delete previous firmware versions. With this update installed, you can first free up space, and then safely upload the Hiarcs program, the 2 MB book and the license file. We are very sorry for this delay (as we already have some 20 owners who ordered the great Hiarcs chess program), but we want to avoid problems, by uploading the files and then running out of space in this install. We expect the V4.05 to be ready in two weeks.

If the space on the file system is still a problem, a new feature in the V4.05 firmware is that you can upload a diagnostic file to your PC, which you then can sent to Phoenix Chess Systems. Phoenix Chess Systems can then make a special firmware to avoid problems on your specific Phoenix System.


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