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Sunday, February 17 2019
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Hiarcs 13 Delivery
Wednesday, 04 May 2011 07:30

A number of customers have ordered the Hiarcs 13 program, and this will be delivered very soon. To make the upgrade as smooth as possible i need from the customers who ordered the upgrade, the version number from system, and the serial number. I also need the type for the system. Hiarcs will be available for the following types : Revelation Board, the Revelation Module systems (Black and Gold Editions), and the Resurrection II. I you are ordering for the Resurrection II, please indicate which type of display you have, PLED or OLED. The PLED display has gold engraved text above and below the display, the OLED version only has gold engraved text below the display.

As the hiarcs engine do needs a lot of free space, also include the free space (in bytes) indicated under NEW software. With the Hiarcs upgrade the Firmware 4.04 is also included, which in itself is optimised for speed, also resulting in all engines improving up to 10%-20% in performance. The 4.04 upgrade is for free for system owners.


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