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Sunday, February 17 2019
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Development for Revelation II DGT Board
Wednesday, 26 January 2011 08:00

Chess Players around the World,

As one of the creative minds for Phoenix Chess Systems i am very happy to inform you regarding the development for the Revelation II Board. As you may know, Phoenix Chess Systems is proud to produce the Strongest and most Finest Chess Systems in the world. And as we always want to go a step further, Phoenix Chess Systems started in 2010 the cooperation for the new Chess Board with DGT 'The Chess  Innovators'. This is a perfect combination as the Revelation Board in itself was a great succes, but lacked chess piece recogniton and a possibility to reach a larger public. We are now halfway in our development, and are using the best products in Electronics and Woodwork to achieve again the perfection in this new development. Phoenix Chess Systems will be responsible for the 'heart' of the system, producing the 'Thinking Power'. DGT will create the Revelation II woodwork, based upon the design for the Revelation (I) and will insert their Piece Recogniton Technology. Furtermore it will use her channels to make the system widely available for the chess playing public.

We will try to add more engines to the Revelation II Chess Board, to broaden the playing styles and strength of the System. In Rybka, Shredder and Deep Sjeng we already had strong base engines, but we are looking to add more engines. This will give the Revelation II chess Board a strong base for playing diversified types of chess. A new feature will be to give the player the possibility to lower the performance in the system, so he can adjust in this way the playing strength overall. In this way you can let the system play from ELO ratings from 1000 ELO to around 2700 ELO. And the engines in itself also provide new options to set the ELO rating among other engine options, so the system will be a joy to play if you are an average club player or a strong opponent if your are reaching up into Grandmaster Levels.

With Shredder, Deep Sjeng and Rybka the current Revelation Board is set at around 2750 ELO. See the Active Chess List for a very good indication for the Chess Systems and their chess playing strengths. On the popular German Chesscomputer Website chess computer fans from all over the world are gathering their knowledge about all the secrets for computer chess over the decades. And it is this site and these chess computer fans, who have motivated me to pursue the goals we now have achieved in computing powered chess.

In the coming months i will gradually disclose information regarding this great development, and DGT will start informing her channels about this development. The date for delivery is not yet set, but things are pogressing rapidly. So stay tuned ....

True Chess Innovations start with Innovative People to develop these systems and with the Chess Players who use these Chess Innovations for their enjoyment and to improve their chess play ...

PS. Because of this development the current Revelation (I) Board is no longer available for ordering in 2011. 

Ruud Martin


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