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Sunday, February 17 2019
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Replacement Displays for Resurrection Series
Monday, 06 September 2010 08:26

For several customers the problems with the defective displays in the Resurrection Series I and II have been solved. For the Resurrection II there is a complete new PCB, based upon the green OLED display used in the Revelation Series. Even a new frontplate with golden lettering is created, to match the original display as good as possible. For the Resurrection I there is also a new display available which is now in test. This news item is not intended for Revelation Series, only for Resurrection series !

Replacement display for Resurrection II  Replacement display for Resurrection II

On the left the new Resurrection I display (type LCDRSI-T2) using the original front plate, on the right the new Resurrection II display (type LCDRSII-T2) with the new front plate (the text is now only below the display instead of the original display above and below).

Please read this news item (the whole item) to get more technical background, and info regarding avoiding problems. Furthermore pricing for the replacement LCD is indicated, and the procedure for it how to order the replacement.

Only for Resurrection Series :

The problem is that the Mephisto Boards (Exclusive and Modular) have too high internal voltages, and vary from model and individual board. As these voltages are (sometimes) higher then 5,5V, the PLED displays can become defective. With the original module sets from Mephisto this posed no problem as these could handle internal voltages in the Boards for up to 6,5V. The Phoenix modules however expect a maximum of an internal voltage in the board for 5,5V. Unfortunately, the Mephisto boards were fitted with a variety of internal voltage converters. For these two basic type were used. The first series uses a integrated circuit to handle the conversion from 7,5V to 5V, however depending on the module inserted these deliver internal voltages which vary from 5,0V to 6,5V. The second series (the more modern versions) use a so called 7805 power transistor. These second series deliver the needed internal voltage for exactly 5,0V. So only the first series deliver the problem which could lead to defective displays. The most modern chess board from Saitek, the 'chinese' exclusive is the best option. The Munchen (as to my knowledge) all use the 7805 power transistor, so these will be fine.

You could sent the board to the well known Arno Kreuzberg, he has developed a revision for all of these problems related to the chess boards. And he can change the internal voltage converter to a very robust version, who delivers no more the the maximum of 5,5V at very good levels of power. This was also needed for the 68020/68030 modules, who also have the problems with the first series of internal voltage converters. So this revision is a very good way to be sure your board can handle the Phoenix Modules and the stronger World Champion Modules with the 68020/68020 processors. For more information, please contact Arno Kreuzberg.

Another good advice is not to use higher voltages then 7,5V from the power adapter which is connected at the normal side-connection on the chess boards Modular and Exclusive. The power adapter originally included does not have the 7,5V, so in this case try to acquire a power adapter which has this 7,5V setting, and off course the + (plus) polarity should be on the inside of the bus. If you like, Phoenix Chess Systems can provide you one for 20 Euro including VAT, excluding sending costs.

New LCD options

The Resurrection I lcd upgrade is available for 145 Euro including VAT. Phoenix Chess Systems can also upgrade the complete firmware to the now developed 2.11, in which there will be the possibility to use all current engines now available for the Revelation Series. To include Rybka 2.2n. Shredder 11/12 or Deep Sjeng 3.0 including all books, the license fee per engine will be 90 euro. The flash will then be upgraded to be large enough to hold all these engines.
This lcd option has software controlled contrast.

The Resurrection II lcd upgrade + new front plate is available for 245 Euro including VAT. Phoenix Chess Systems can also upgrade the complete firmware to the current version.

For both upgrades the module set has to be sent to Phoenix Chess Systems, as this is a major update, and the lcd PCB's have to be exchanged for the newer version.

Phoenix Chess Systems will be on the Kaufbeuren event in the weekend for 9/10 oktober, if you like we perfom the upgrade at the event. This saves you sending costs to and from Phoenix Chess Systems. Please inform Phoenix Chess Systems before end of November, so we can prepare the PCB's.


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