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Sunday, February 17 2019
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Improved Speed for Richard Lang Emulation available in firmware 4.03
Friday, 20 August 2010 15:44

In April 2010 Phoenix Chess Systems has improved the speed of the emulation for the Richard Lang Emulation. During the last months some people have received the new firmware 4.03, which already contained the improved version. This new version has proven to be stable enough for full distribution. If you have the license for the Richard Lang Emulator, you can, by upgrading to firmware 4.03, get this improved speed. Just sent me an email to get the 4.03 firmware and as a bonus the MMIV, MMV and Rebel are included. This applies for the Resurrection II Set, The Revelation Board and the Revelation Module Set.

The speed improvement is around 25% to 35% for the Almeria/Portorose/Lyon/Vancouver/London programs, and 5%-10% for the Glasgow/Amsterdam/Roma programs (all based upon the 68000). The Polgar, and now MMIV,MMV and Rebel (based upon the 65c02) were not improved in speed. These improvements are measured against the first released emulator version.

The 68000 is emulated at ~48 Mhz for the Glasgow and ~40 Mhz for the other 68000 programs. The 65c02 is emulated at ~23 Mhz. This is measured in cycles per second for the original processor. What the effect is for the emulation for playing strength and ELO and how this relates to the original speed for the original modules is very hard to calculate. The indicated values in Mhz are measured in the opening, when the programs are just out of book, and started thinking. I expect that the emulation speed will increase slightly in the endgame.

This upgrade is free for all owners who have bought the Richard Lang License... If you would like to acquire the Richard Lang Emulator License, you can get it for 475 Euro including VAT.


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