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Update Phoenix Chess Module 'REFLECTION' for existing Mephisto Chess Boards
Monday, 05 December 2016 00:00

At this moment the Reflection modules are being produced (50 in total, handmade). This module is built for the future, as in it contains all necessary hardware to fulfil the current and future needs for the software developments. The Reflection module contains a super fast Amlogic ARM® Cortex®-A5(ARMv7) 1.5 – 1.8 Ghz quad core CPU and 1Gbyte DDR3 SDRAM. The modules will be fitted with 32Gigabyte Ultra High Speed Sandisk memory cards. And the Reflection module contains two USB ports, where WIFI, Bluetooth or additional memory can be inserted. And contains a super crisp 128*128 Yellow OLED screen in the good tradition and corresponding with earlier Phoenix Systems. All in one module fitted with a black / golden front plate.

The Reflection module software version 1.00 will contain the emulations for the Richard Lang Almeria, Portorose, Lyon, Vancouver and London world champion modules. And the engines will run at the original 16 bit speed and full speed. The price for this version including VAT is 1.249 Euro in 2016. However the base price will be 1.499 Euro starting from January 2017.

The software path for the Reflection module in 2017 is adding all current emulations from Revelation, adding the normal engines like Hiarcs, Shredder, Stockfish and maybe Komodo, adding if possible table bases and adding more emulations as are available in the MESS (read all about it on schachcomputer.info) package. For this last development Phoenix Chess Systems cannot deliver the eprom contents, but they are available in the current MESS package, so arrange you getting this package. One of the first to be added emulations is the emulation for the Montreux (or if possible even the Tasc R30) and the Novag Robot Adversary. Regarding the chess systems with push sensor boards we will try to arrange good compatibility. As these software developments will take some effort from our side, these will not be free of charge, but at an acceptable price level.

As indicated the emulation for the Richard Lang 16 bit systems will offer that you can use the original 2*16 display. Or if you like we will have stock for 25 new Yellow OLED 2*16 replacement displays, when you buy a Reflection Module, you can add one for 125 Euro.

If you are interested in this development, let us know. We expect first deliveries during the Christmas period, but as we have many requests, we expect this can also be in January 2017.

Buy Revelation II Chess Board from Phoenix Chess Systems
Friday, 15 July 2016 00:00
Buying your system directly from Phoenix Chess Systems has some advantages....
Starting from August 2016 we will sent your Revelation II free of charge all over Europe and at low costs all over the world. Get your support straight from Phoenix Chess Systems. Furthermore we will inspect and test your system before sending. Last, we will also enter your name in the system, to give it an extra personal touch in acquiring the system at our company.
..  So you can buy in confidence ..

From August 2016 we will also add Stockfish and install the latest software release 3.21. So additional to Hiarcs and Shredder a strong engine from the open source community is there for you to play against.

Pricing for the Revelation II (From August 2016) with the Timeless Piece Set including the carrying bag is 2.775 Euro (including 21% VAT) and the Richard Lang emulation pricing is 475 Euro (including 21% VAT). 
As a combined package (Revelation II + Timeless Pieces Set and Emulation) we can offer this for 3.225 Euro (including 21% VAT).
If you wish to change the Piece Set (see pictures below), add 20 Euro for the Classic, 40 Euro for the Venus, 60 Euro for the Royal and 130 Euro for the Ebony Piece Set.
We have enough systems available (with Ebony Pieces and Emulations pre-installed), ready for fast delivery all around the world.
See the Revelation II menu item for more information.

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